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  1. Hello, it is my first participation in the forum use translator to ask my question.
    For curiosity I would like to know if an original movie for sale has the same structure and size of recording layer 0 and layer 1 as the backups: with imgburn the full layer 0 is recorded ... LBA: (0 - 12219391) and layer 1 the rest to complete
    Is it possible that the original has depending on the scene or movie a layer jump in another area and does not complete the layer 0?
    The recording from what I see on the disc goes from the inner area of the disk to the external (layer 0) and from the outside to the inside area in layer 1. Is it?
    I would also like to know in reference to the power of the laser to record layer 0 and 1 which uses more power to be recorded
    Sorry for asking so many questions.


    Thank you.

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