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  1. @dontasciime The options section will most likely be to set ImgBurn options later on. Remember it's still in beta. @mmalves Thank you. But never say never. Consider what we are doing with this app. Effectively I could send you a data or audio CD (lossless) at half the size and have it burn automatically when you receive and run a single .exe file. Good for distribution also to those who might not be very computer / burning software literate. Anyway, it's all fun and we're just throwing ideas around...... Dan
  2. Bumpety bump bump bump...... Some news. A nice pretty GUI version of this application has now been released thanks to the efforts and good work of damien666. The full story and release can be found here:- http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=4398 It's called 'SelfBurner' and still fundamentally relies on ImgBurn and 7zip. It's still in beta and under active development. I hope it can be of interest and use to some community members here. Thanks again to LUK for terrific ImgBurn. Dan
  3. Actually EAC can rip straight out to flac. Set flac as your encoder in Compression Options. You'll need flac.exe obviously and you'll need to specify where it is. When you rip a CD, got to Action then Copy Image and create Cue Sheet Then select compressed. Then specify where to save and Bob's your Uncle. You will get one large .flac file and a .cue file. You can also choose to do individual files compressed too. Foobar is great too by the way. But it's an extra step.
  4. This posting is firstly to thank Lightning UK for what is truly a beautiful burning application and to express gratitude for that. Secondly it is also to share what might be a very useful application for community members of this forum, many of whom might work with disc images and end users (like me!). The full story can be read here:- http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=21123 In brief: Members (including myself) of the 911cd community were using ImgBurn in an ISO2EXE compression/distribution/self burning application, which was run from a batch file. The basic idea was to compress (using 7zip) a disc image into a self executable file which would burn itself (using ImgBurn) when run. This made a great way of passing a reduced size disc image to someone who knew nothing about burning and would appreciate an automated burning procedure - in essence, all an end user would need to do was put a blank CDR into their drive. A solution for regular .ISO was reached and is called ISO2EXE. A solution for audio CDs was reached but using a different method for CD burning since .cue and .bin were not supported by ImgBurn, until now. Thus the inclusion of .cue / .bin into ImgBurn was exciting because it meant a way was now possible to unify the applications into what has now been named CASBAH......Cd and AudioCd Self Burning Application Helper. Credit for this goes to the very talented jaclaz, and also to skewltek and cdob, all of which are 911cd members. @LightningUK Two suggestions were made during the development of CASBAH which might interest you. The idea of creating a smallish "targeted" version of IMGBURN for use in this kind of 3rd party app, and also the concept of "Embedding" the 7z SFX exe creation in IMGBURN itself. Best regards to all here Dan
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