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  1. Good. Any ideas what to replace it with?
  2. The disc played on my computer is not jerky. So it seems the Panasonic player is crap, right?
  3. I received the new discs, and now they do burn, but when played on my Panasonic DMP-BDT280 player, motion, especialy on pan shots, is jerky. The same file played on the computer pans beautifully smoothly.
  4. I'm going to buy the ones you recommended from Amazon direct from the States! It apparantly only takes 5 to 7 days to get here, and costs $36.90 which is about £29 for 50 which is what I paid for 25 over here. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for your help. I bought them in a bricks and mortar store. The packet looks very similar to both those you sent links to. They are called DataLife BD-R Recordable/Enregistrable and they are made in Taiwan.
  6. Thanks for that unequivocal answer. The discs are BD-R and I don't want BD-RE because I don't want to erase and re-record. What do you recommend for normal BD-R discs.
  7. I am trying to burn a short home-made movie 1920x1080 25i H.264 to Blu-ray disc. Every time I try it says I/O Error! Synchronise Cache failed. Reason: Write Error. Incompatible Format. The discs I'm using are Verbatim.
  8. I'm suspicious of Blu-ray - moving footage which runs perfectly smoothly in the Pr Pro timeline is sometimes jerky in the BR disc. I improved the motion in most places, but not all, by exporting from Pro with VBR 2-Pass instead of VBR 1-Pass
  9. Maplin is a chain of stores in England. One more question: when the disc plays the motion is sometimes jerky. In the specs for my burner it says it wont handle more than 30 Mbps, and I exported the project from Adobe Encore at 40 Mbps. Is this the reason?
  10. Just tried burning onto a DVD and it burns and plays perfectly. I will never buy those Maplin Blu-ray discs again. Thanks for your help.
  11. It's not DVD it's 1920x1080, I could put it on a DVD but I thought a Blu-Ray disc is maybe more scratchproof? Shall I try burning it to a DVD?
  12. I downloaded XL07 but it still doesn't work
  13. Thanks for the reply. My LG Blu-ray burner needs a driver for Windows 7 but I can't find my model number on the LG website, it is BD-D5500. How can I get a driver for this burner?
  14. I recently downloaded Imgburn to burn Blu-ray discs. I have Windows 7. When I try to burn an image onto a Blu-ray disc in Imgburn it says "Incompatible Format". I keep trying new discs but no good.
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