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  1. Can't imagine -digital- life without optical media.
  2. Thanks, I know about VCD and it's always my preferred virtual drive. But as you know, there are few certain things it cannot do. Guess the ideal way to have the best of both worlds, is to isolate SPTD etc. on a virtual machine.
  3. Thanks. I guess an altervative would be to use SPTD software on the virtual machine. That wouldn't affect the host machine... right?
  4. Hello everyone. Let's say I have the SPTD driver installed on Win 7, and a XP installation on VMware Player. Can I resort to XP to use my optical drives without SPTD's detrimental effect, or am I fooling myself?
  5. It's enabled, but when Directory Opus sends the files, ImgBurn won't auto-calculate. I still have to press the calculator. It uses the ImgBurn toolbar with the "%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe /MODE BUILD /SRCLIST {F|filem}" command.
  6. Hi there, I'm using Directory Opus to select files and send them directly to ImgBurn (Build mode). What I'm missing is a switch... well, title says it all! Looked a bit in the ReadMe file but couldn't find such a command. If it's not currently possible, could you please consider adding it? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I've created a DVD9 DVD-Video folder (100% full) but I'm not happy with the layer break position (only one available from ImgBurn). Is there a way to create a new position for the break? I've seen 'The End Of The World' guide, but how do I get the information about required VTS, PGC etc.? Using Verbatim DVD+R DL of course. Thanks a lot.
  8. I have a similar problem with Burn and verify completes just fine, however sometimes ImgBurn refuses to close. I get the "Abort Request Acknowledged" but it'll only close with the Task Manager. USB devices were mentioned, and right now that ImgBurn refuses to exit again, I do have a couple of external USB HD's connected (and working fine). Used Task Manager, re-opened ImgBurn and now it closed fine. Seems this only happens after a burn.
  9. Thanks. I hope LUK! can add this in the future (skipping the 'burn' part). I guess if I try to use the build mode with .wav files, the result will be a cd-rom image, not an audio-cd one.
  10. Hmm... is there a way to create an audio cd image file (iso/ccd/img etc.) from audio files? (flac, wav etc.)
  11. I'm going to abuse this a bit more... sorry! It seems that I can make a fully compliant/working CD but not an ISO file! If I'm not mistaken, the ImgBurn CD Cue method, cannot export to ISO file (that would probably solve the issue), and ripping the working CD to ISO, leads to the vicious circle problem of audio ripping. I tried to create the mixed mode CD with Nero, but I cannot make the resulting .nrg/.iso file to work, probably because of file/file system restriction issues I had with ImgBurn's Build mode, too. It seems that only IsoBuster's extract mode doesn't "alter" the original files/file system in any way, but I can't make an 1:1 .iso file of these data and audio tracks. Also tried changing char. sets. BTW, this CD is just ISO9660, has no-extension files, one 4-letter extension file, and everything is lower-case, including the 4-letter label... edit: actually, I haven't tried the .nrg file directly, only converted it with "nrg2iso". Maybe there are some restrictions for the .iso files themselves, apart from only handling single-session (this is a single-session disc anyway).
  12. Thanks, it worked! I got a bit into trouble with the file system restrictions. Is there a way for an application to report exactly what is applied on a CD; (level 1/2, ;1 Version Number etc.) I wanted to recreate a ISO9660 disc (but filenames were not uppercase ) but I couldn't get it to work properly with ImgBurn's Build mode, after playing with the various restriction settings. I finally succeeded, by using IsoBuster to extract the data Track01 (used "extract raw but convert to User Data", the "Extract User Data" method gave read errors), and then using your tip with ImgBurn and 'Create CD CUE File' to burn the extracted Track01 and the remaining audio tracks.... (which were extracted separately with EAC to avoid audio-rip problems, since I assumed creating an ISO file directly from this kind of mixed mode CD wouldn't guarantee an exact .ISO file, considering the heavy audio data amount on the disc - more than 90%). Phew, that's it, sorry for the rant.
  13. Hello again, from a quick search in the forums and the ImgBurn options, I think this is currently not possible, but I'll ask just in case. I'd like to create a "mixed mode CD", it's a single-session disc containg both data (in the 1st track) and audio tracks (following tracks), mostly used in older computer game systems like the Amiga CD32. Not to be confused with the multi-session "enhanced-CD" - I'm referring to the "Data in Track 1" mode, on this nice link. If not supported, are there any plans for it in the future? I'd really like to avoid Nero since it's the only app I know that can create this. Thanks LUK!
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