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    What the "definition" of 'Verify Failed'?

    Ok thank you so much for your help!!! I'm excited for the next version!
  2. jorden243

    What the "definition" of 'Verify Failed'?

    Hey thanks for answering! Error level 0-2 codes are wokring, but errorlevel code 3 (Verify failed) is not working.. Can you please test it in your computer (try to burn iso to dvd-r wait for the verify after the burn and, for example, physically change the disk to another disk so the verify will fail - [when doing so I didn't get any error level, the GUI just told me that something is wrong, the GUI closed and errorlevel was 0, like everything is OK instead of 3]). Thank you so much again!
  3. jorden243

    What the "definition" of 'Verify Failed'?

    Hey, thanks for answering. I do have the CLOSE /START and /CLOSE parameter but errorlevel is still 0 when getting verify error The command in the cmd is: ImgBurn /MODE WRITE /SRC "C:\Users\user\Desktop\BdayPhotos.ISO" /DEST G: /START /COPIES 1 /VERIFY YES /EJECT YES /OVERWRITE NO /NOIMAGEDETAILS /CLOSE and to get the errorlevel i'm writing: echo %errorlevel%
  4. Hey, I'm using ImgBurn in the command line (windows 10), and I red that when I have a 'Verify failed' I should get errorlevel = 3. But when having a verify failed, The errorlevel is still 0.. So what is the definition of the verify failed? When will I get errorlevel 3? Thank you very much and sorry for my English! I tried looking around the internet but didn't found anything about it..

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