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  1. When the error occurred I first pressed Retry a few times. The error repeated. After that I don't remember which button I pressed but it could have been both but I don't remember which order. Here is what the log said: I see "Close Request Acknowledged" so it looks like I may have aborted the verification early. If that is the case, is there any way I can re-verify the disc and the files? I've since closed the ImgBurn program and I don't remember saving the project.
  2. I received my Dell XPS 8930 and the Blu-ray drive that came with it was an LG BU40N. I tried burning a data BDXL M-Disc for backing up photos and videos. The ImgBurn burn process said it completely successfully but when doing the verification there was an error. This is what it said: I can see in the log file that this occurred with a specific video file with the extension .mov. This is the only file I see in the log with the error. Does that mean the rest of the files verified successfully if I only see 1 file in the log? Or does the verification process automatically stop after it receives its first error? Is it the drive or the actual Blu-ray disk that is causing this error? The Blu-ray disk I'm using is Verbatim BDXL M-Disc. If anyone thinks it's the drive, I will have to buy an external one. Here is a list of compatible M-disc drives: http://www.mdisc.com/m-ready/ I don't see my LG drive on that list (although that list doesn't seem to be the most up-to-date). But I do see some of the Pioneer drives that were mentioned earlier in this thread like the XD05 and XU03. The XS05 is also on that list but I see an updated XS06 which is not listed (again, it might be because the list is not up-to-date). I'm thinking I should be safe and just get either the XD05 or XU03 (since they're on that list). Any input would be greatly appreciated...
  3. Thanks a lot for the info. It's been very helpful. If I have a choice of buying an external drive and one actually says M-Disc on it and another one does not, I'd guess common sense would dictate that I get the one that says M-Disc on it. You've convinced me on getting a Pioneer. There's one that says M-Disc and BDXL: https://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-External-Writer-BDR-XD05B-Black/dp/B00OD39P6A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1517449399&sr=8-2&keywords=Pioneer+BDR-XD05B but as you mentioned it's a top loader. Do you know of an external Pioneer that says M-Disc and BDXL and opens with a tray?
  4. The last 3 USB drives you mention don't have the words M-Disc on the specs so I'm assuming they're not capable of M-Disc? Since I'm getting a brand new computer, it'd be nice to have an internal blu-ray drive already included. I'd be interested in that LG BU20N you mentioned but it seems hard to find and it costs $419.34 on Amazon brand new. It only costs an extra $50 for the blu-ray drive on Dell's site. The problem is, I'm not sure if it's the same drive or if it's different, will it be M-Disc or BDXL compatible? The chat reps tell me different things, some say yes and some say no. They don't know the name of the brand. What I'll probably end up doing is buying it with their blu-ray drive included and see if it works. If not, then I'll considering the other external options. I'm not familiar with enclosures. If I put that Pioneer BD209M inside an enclosure, will the enclosure accept the drive with SATA ports and then connect to the computer with a USB cable? Can you give me an example of an enclosure that would do this? It's also not clear whether that BD209M does M-Discs. Does it?
  5. That was the first failure for me on that Asus drive I mentioned (I burned plenty of data DVD and data blu-rays on it before). But this was the first M-Disc and BDXL blu-ray that I tried burning on it. And it was all data (no videos). I never did any firmware updates on it because I couldn't find a download link for one on the Asus website. Anyway, I couldn't find the Pioneer BD209M you mentioned. Do you recommend Pioneer in general, or just that particular model? Because I do see an external Pioneer BDR-XD05B on Amazon that does M-Disc and BDXL and it has 4 star reviews. But it looks slim which you said to stay away from. Should I give it a try? By the way, if there doesn't seem to be any slim internal blu-ray drive that does M-disc and BDXL out there, what are the chances that Dell's XPS 8930 has one? If they do, it must be the only one out there. Do you think they came up with the first one? Or do you think their sales reps are just mistaken and their blu-ray drives really don't have M-disc and BDXL capability?
  6. Was that poster's Dell drive capable of M-Disc and BDXL? I'm still wondering if they even exist. Do you think those successes/failures can be a hit or miss? I just had my regular size Asus BW-16D1HT successfully burn my Verbatim M-Disc BDXL blu-ray discs but upon verification, there was an uncorrectable error. These disks are about $20 each so I'd like to know a recommendation for a burner that someone knows works for sure so I don't waste any more money on coasters. If I have to switch to an external one, then any recommendation for one that reliably does M-disc and BDXL?
  7. I'm about to buy a new computer (Dell XPS 8930). There's an option to pay $50 extra for an internal blu-ray burner but it's not clear whether it supports M-Disc and BDXL disks (their support reps seemed unsure). Rather than go through trial and error, can someone recommend a SLIM internal blu-ray burner that is known to work with M-Disc and BDXL and works with ImgBurn? I say "slim" because the drive bay's height is less than 0.5 inches so it won't fit the older standard size height (ie/ it won't fit my Asus BW-16D1HT because the height of that is 1.61 inches). Anyone?
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