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  1. Mirror 1 Provided by Digital Digest has an extra surprise in the form of the AdService Trojan! Please remove this link immediately. Removing options to install any bundled ad-ware with the installer WILL NOT prevent this Trojan from being installed along with the Imgburn program. Once installed, windows prompts you for administrator password and ad pages pop up when any browser is opened. This is not a joke. This is a trojan designed to steal banking information while flooding you're computer with ads and also prompting you to call a fake microsoft help line unlock your computer. I was able to remove this by using a BitDefender recovery disc to disable the Trojan from starting and then delete the offending registry entries after going back into windows. I monitor the services on my PC, so I knew what to look for. Most people don't, so they will not know what startup services to remove. It was an interesting learning experience on how this Trojan worked. Please remove this mirror immediately!
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