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  1. marbi

    Verify Error with iHAS624 B

    As you comment, I want to understand that with the original Lite-On firmware and using overburning with MKM003 will get better results than with c4eva firm, that's right ? Or there's something more on his firm than a simple media id renamed with MCSE...
  2. Well, finally I decided to crossflashing my drive using codeguys patched firmware for this drive, known as LITE-ON SOHW-1653S. So finally I could change book type and store the changes in the EEPROM, also while rebooting (not like with the original sony firmware). I haven't tested yet, but I suppose that all will be ok while burning (just only tested with a DVD+RW) since when rebooting my computer and checking book type in ImgBurn, all settings kept right. Thanks for all guys.
  3. marbi

    Burnt an ISO to DVD - doesn't play

    Do you still have the iso that you burned ? You can mount this iso using Daemon Tools and try to play it to see if could be played or not. I do this before burn any dvd video iso to check if it plays correctly.
  4. Yes, I know that the book type changes is for DVD+R/+RW/+R DL. I was trying to say for all options in LITE-ON tab. I have burned a DVD+RW with book type changed to DVD-ROM and was correctly burned. You could download SONY DVDRW DW-D23A CYS3 Original Firmware here @dontasciime Maybe I'll use OmniPatcher from codeguys to make a custom-patched firmware, just enabling auto-bitsetting.
  5. Thanks for the Flash utily. I've made a backup of my current firmware. Mine is CYS3 version, different from the one posted at The Firmware Page (same as posted by you) Otherwise, before I'll try cross flashing, I'll test again book type setting with DVD+R and DVD+RW (don't have DL media for now) using ImgBurn only as commented by LIGHTNING UK! Tests I'm doing: Well, I don't understand nothing... I'm changing book type to DVD-ROM for all media types using EEPROM option, but while rebooting the computer they come back to NORMAL for all media types (like I said in this post). I've tried changing to DVD-ROM using option Current Media (For DVD+RW Media), of course, inserting a DVD+RW in the drive. For my surprise when I reboot the computer and I check if the settings are changed or not, for Current Media (For DVD+RW Media) the book type is still DVD-ROM. Is this normal ? What's exactly this option ? This is the only option that is preserved, but... Why if I select option Next Write or Drive (For DVD+RW Media) the settings for DVD+RW is Normal ????
  6. But... Firmware and EEPROM aren't the same thing. I want to make a full backup of entery Firmware, the EEPROM is only 1 KB and a Firmware file is more than 1 KB.
  7. Well, I'm so confused right now. I'm going to try again, but I'm sure that I tried to change values using EEPROM options and while rebooting my computer the settings were changed to normal. Is there any software that allow to change the book type for LITE-ON / SONY drives? I'm going to try changing book type with DVDInfoPro and then burning with ImgBurn. Let's see what will happen. If finally nothing will work, I'll try the cross flashing. Could I make a backup of my current firmware drive using mtkflash ? Thanks to everybody for the support.
  8. The screeshoot of ImgBurn is from dontasciime not from me
  9. The last recorded are talking to me that was DVD+R DL... I'm thinking that is a problem of my drive. I don't understand what's going on, but it seems that the drive doesn't store the changes of the book type. I'm trying to store the changes in EEPROM and in the next reboot the settings are the default again. I'm going to try with a DVD+RW, because I don't want to waste more DVD+R DL and don't want to make more coasters. I was looking at cdfreaks forums and I found this, I think I'm getting same problems... The post is this: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=201025
  10. I've tried it and when I restart my computer the settings aren't stored in the EEPROM while using (for DVD+R DL Media -EEPROM) option, they are still normal for all media types. I've burned two DVD+R DL, one changing book type for DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM using (for DVD+R DL Media). And the second using (for Next Write) option. And the burned media book type is DVD+R DL.
  11. I'm having problems when I want to change the book type of my drive to DVD-ROM while burning DVD+R DL media. I set the book type to DVD-ROM for next write when I'm going to burn a DVD+R DL, so after the burning process is done I check the book type of the writed media and is not DVD-ROM for my surprise is DVD+R DL otherwise. I'm changing the book type in LITE-ON tab for the next write. Could be any problem of my drive ? Maybe I'm doing something wrong ? Attached info extracted with DVDInfo. Thanks in advance.

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