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  1. Folks, I love imgburn, have used it for years, and went to grab a copy for one of my machines back in late December. I downloaded the installer from your first mirror, Digital Digest, only to find it was one of those installer-inside-an-installer things, which went and tried to install all sorts of software before it would allow me to download and install imgburn. I killed it before it finished, but it still installed three different kinds of malware on my machine. Here's the text in some small print at the bottom of the Digital Digest download page: Quote "Secure Download Manager" = malware vector. Here's my post about attempting to remove the malware: https://serverfault.com/questions/890505/remvoving-the-malware-from-hell?noredirect=1 I'm likely to have to rebuild my machine now! Please don't use that company as a mirror site, and consider checking the other mirrors for similar activities.
  2. I am uncomfortable creating a user account for this forum because there is no SSL protection. Anyone can get tp my sign-in data and say anything awful they want, and I would have to take responsibility for that. It already seems some people have already taken that liberty because of some raw language present. I am watching this topic, and if the current situation is not corrected, I will have to remove my account and use the forum anonymously when necessary. Please let me know what you think! Sincerely, Grateful PS: I LOVE imgburn! It gives me all the functionality I need in an easy format, and nobody beats your price!
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