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    burn 2 ISO files into one dual layer DVD disc

    yes i have a proprietary SACD player. starting with flac file 24-88, 24-96, 24-192 i can create (with xrecode 3, 'super author' and burn with imgburn) SACD till 4.7 gb. i have the problem if i excess the 4.7 gb in internet we can find and download SACD in a single iso file till 8.5 gb and burn it with imgburn. probably they use other programs to create 8.5 gb iso so seems that i I will have to create two 4.7 gb disks instead of one 8.5.
  2. Marcus R

    burn 2 ISO files into one dual layer DVD disc

    the program is: 'Super Author' 3.0.3 philips proTECH (we are talking about SACD musical disks) i have searched option to obtain a single file but i have not success. The dimensions of two file are: 4 gb + 3.97 gb anyway thanks for your counsils, i will try to merge the contents from the two ISO's into a new image. i have tried with 'ultraiso' but opening the ISO files i don't see nothing.
  3. i have an ISO image generator program for SACD that creates 2 image files ISO if I exceed the maximum size of a layer of a DVD. i have burn the first file ISO (of the first layer) with imgburn in a 8.5 gb disc. but when i try to burn the second file ISO (of the second layer), the program tell me that it is necessary an empty disc. is there any setting to burn with imgburn one layer at a time? or is there some program utility to join the 2 files ISO into one files ISO? thanks, Marcus

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