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    ImgBurn API

    Thanks! I played with the switches a bit, they seem to work ok. A few things though, I couldn't get the "/INFO <file>" to work (probably my mistake), if I'm creating an ISO and the /SRC is not found and /CLOSE is specified the app doesn't exit, and when you close it manually the %ERRORLEVEL% is zero. Well, I understand that command line support is not the main feature =) I also wanted to suggest to have a parameter like /3DPARTYHWND which seems to me the easiest way to set up a communication between two apps (although COM would be great too =), then ImgBurn could SendMessage() different stuff to the app, like progress, etc in that case the main and progress windows may be hidden, instead a small window with ImgBurn copyrights etc could be show to give the credit to the author, hiding ImgBurn windows and using the app's ones may somewhat help with localization as well. I realize that this will probably not happen soon (if ever).. But if it does this will make ImgBurn invaluable =) Once again, thank you for an awesome software.
  2. Hi, First off thank you for such a good piece of software. I was wondering if there's an API for the engine? or an API for ImgBurn? Or anything that would allow using the burning capabilities from a third party software? Thanks!
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