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  1. i clicked mirror 1( digital digest). that brought me to http://downloads.dddwnld.com/software/download.php?sid=470&ssid=0&did=1. i clicked the green arrow pointing down that said " click here download imgburn". that brought me to http://freeburningtools-online.com/download_prompt.php?file=imgburn&app=is&mte=1. again, i clicked the same green arrow. that brought up the familiar "save file" .exe box. it said " you have chosen to open: setup_imgburn_2580_install_0503962690.exe. it was 1.7 mb, from http://www.wobess-yel.com. i click save file button, then tell it to open file. it starts with an installer featuring a crate with a green arrow pointing down. everything normal, i decline yahoo b.s. and hit install. now i have windows defender telling me that " trojan:win32/fuerboos.C!cl was just detected. i removed it, then just to be sure i repeated three more times. Every time same.
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