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  1. thanks, I think I'm going to buy those? Thanks for all the advise from everyone Mdc1756
  2. Ch3vr0n thanks for the links, are all the cd-rom's data life plus media? these would be the best and they should not be printable for me
  3. Hey I found it on the Belgian market, please look at this please, they must not be printable https://www.beslist.be/computers/d0000491264/Verbatim_(_43439_).html?productIdentifier=00000000025770295040775714966 take a look at the specifications if you will https://www.cdromland.nl/product/0/101099/CDR-Verbatim-80m-52x-10st-jewelcase?zanpid=8335_1537522667_2a36a415e840c241242ff9e66d6d3c87 SAME ean CODE wHAT DO YOU THINK? I think that those are the write ones I
  4. is this a good one https://www.beslist.be/computers/d0000491264/Verbatim_(_43439_).html?productIdentifier=00000000025770295040775714966
  5. Hey, friends, for the sake of clarity I am looking for one cd-rom date life plus media I saw in my web links that Verbatim only sells in the USA. Maybe someone knows a shop outside the US Thanks
  6. Hey,

    What to choose



    what is the difference between all those cd-rom

    or this one


    can you tell me this what to chose, Verbatim only ships in the usa.






  7. Hi, sorry but I have been operated on my jaws and the anesthesia will not yet be completely finished, I think. 1/ https://www.verbatim.com/subcat/optical-media/cd/datalife-plus-cd-recordable/ 2/ https://www.verbatim.com/prod/optical-media/cd/datalife-plus-cd-recordable/cd-r-azo/ 3/ https://www.verbatim.com/subcat/optical-media/cd/datalife-plus-cd-recordable/ The problem is, I need only 5 cd-rom. Can I buy myself at Verbatim, I do not see a link to a store anywhere can you help me find a link, here in Belgium I do not exactly find them. Ch3vr0 also took a look at his bookmarks Thanks in advance Ed
  8. Can you give me some advise, I have to choose between two sites https://www.verbatim.com/subcat/optical-media/cd/datalife-plus-cd-recordable/ and https://www.verbatim.com/subcat/optical-media/cd/datalife-plus-cd-recordable/ I only need the verbatim data live plus media not a lot 5 is enough. Thanks for helping me
  9. have you a good webstore to buy them please, take your time, I only need 5 cd-rom greets
  10. must leave now, just had an operation yesterday
  11. dus ik moet gewoon Verbatim cd-rom kopen data life plus
  12. ge hebt misschien gelijk, ik heb juist naar mijn cd roms gekeken en het zijn allemaal - als je dan een goede link hebt voor te posten van Verbatim cd-rom ben ik tevreden thanks
  13. you mean Verbatim has never cd+r sony, philips,tdk etc they all have cd+
  14. are there no more cd+ rom, only the cd-rom?
  15. Hello, a while ago I had problems burning an iso with Imgburn. Now the fault lay with the age of the DVD. I bought Verbatim DVD + and no problems. I am now looking for CD + rom Verbatim data life plus media, this seems to be too good, but in Belgium they can not be found Can someone give me a webshop where I can buy them please. Thanks
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