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  1. In your guide there is a 4100 dll but is it the same as 4100xrp?
  2. Well.. Another question: does imgburn work with Primera 4100 xrp ?
  3. Another question: can imageburn work with bluray?
  4. I used the dlls of the guide: in the last few days he did not let me download them and so I used those dates from Primera, but they are a later version and therefore we see that they do not go well with imgburn. For the second question, I do not want to make them convert files. I meant that I have a DVD with 4-5 movies in mp4 or avi and I wanted to copy the files and not create the ISO: is it possible?
  5. is it possible only make an ISO? if i want to copy (not protected) multiple mp4 or avi file from dvd to hdd, is not possible?
  6. now it works: dlls are the problem
  7. Hello, I want create file iso from a lot of dvd..
  8. I've installed Anydvd etc etc. But where can I find the guide to copy with Primera autoloader?
  9. I've another question: have you a guide to use imgburn to create iso from dvd (video or data)?
  10. well.. i've solved.. dlls are the problem.. have you also the dlls for acronova and nimbie? thanks
  11. I write if you have a copy of dlls.. With vinpower and imgburn, can you backup film on your hdd?
  12. Haven't you a copy of dlls to test yours?
  13. Yes, of course.. in Ptpublisher ahd Surething, it works..
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