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    Booktype for Dell HL-DT-ST dvd+-RW GU90N (sata)

    dbminter, Ch3vr0n - thanks for your replies. Yes - HL-DT-ST can be Hitachi/LG. I think what Ch3vr0n says makes sense. thanks again for your replies.
  2. Garyflyer

    Booktype for Dell HL-DT-ST dvd+-RW GU90N (sata)

    Thanks for your help. I've set the booktype on other DVD burners. The booktype changes the default booktype of DVD+R to DVD-ROM. In the lower right hand corner of the ImgBrn GUI there is a small icon that looks like an open book or you can use the method you describe. In either case you must select a/the tab that corresponds to your drive, i.e. Plextor Ricoh, Samsung, BenQ, LG, LITE-ON, NEC or NuTech. I don't know what HL-DT-ST corresponds to. I have tried all the available tabs, but the command fails. Thanks again, Garyflyer
  3. I would like to set book type for subject drive, but I don't know what tab to select. Can anyone help? Thank you, garyflyer.

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