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  1. I am attempting to create an ISO from a pair of files, one of which is about 275G. I know this is large for an ISO but can it be done? Is there any way around this error? The complete error displayed is: Too many UDF Extended File Entry AD's to fit in buffer! Thanks.
  2. JustAsking

    Too many UDF Extended File Entry AD's

    I think I was able to solve my problem and will know more tonight when I try to use it. I found a powershell script that allows the creation of an ISO file of unlimited size. Used it last night to create a 280Gig ISO and was able to mount it under Win10. Tonight I will see if I can make it available to VB and if it can be seen by the VB session. Will update with results...
  3. JustAsking

    Too many UDF Extended File Entry AD's

    Thanks for the info and options! I do need the results to appear as an optical drive though [hence ISO]. If I could get a hard drive or share to be viable within the VB I would not be here... Appreciate the ideas and I will keep looking as well. Thanks all!
  4. JustAsking

    Too many UDF Extended File Entry AD's

    I believe [unless a special driver / emulator is available] that it has to be an ISO file. It needs to appear to the OS as an optical drive. I can do this with ISOs of bootable USB sticks and ISOs made from bootable CDs. This is how I get the "environment" prepped for the restore. I just can't access the restore file set (DriveImage XML) due to not being able to re-package the pair of backup files as an ISO. I am running in Win 10 Home. Am building a VB of my prior laptop which is Win 8.1 Pro. I created the VB, mounted the boot media, and can get to the point of doing the restore but can't see it due to not being able to mount it. Tried loading the VB extension set that supports seeing USB (etc.) from within the VB but that causes it all to crash. Hence my desire to create a large (~275Gig) ISO file.
  5. JustAsking

    Too many UDF Extended File Entry AD's

    Long story short, I am trying to get a VirtualBox environment setup and due to the state of the VM, I can only see optical drives from within (no USBs). I can mount ISO files and they are seen as optical drives by the environment. I have a backup I wish to restore into that VB but need to package it as an ISO in order to be able to access it. The backup is 275Gig. I don't intend to write it to any media and will delete it once I have restored the backup to the VB environment. So, that is where I am...

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