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  1. dbminter: I appreciate the additional help, however, that info is way past the zenith of my understanding of all of this. All I know is, your suggestion has solved my problem to my satisfaction. As stated, although the resulting DVD isn't quite as good as the resolution I get when burning a Blu-Ray, it is superior to what a standard DVD resolution is. With the added bonus that ConvertXtoDVD is an all in one converter and burner. No more using one program to convert the video file, then switching to a different program to burn the DVD. The only thing I wish ConvertXtoDVD had was a more comprehensive help manual to explain each setting in more detail so that I can fine tune what I want the end result to me. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks to all that replied. A solution has been found! Thanks to dminter's suggestion, I downloaded the ConvertXtoDVD program and set the Output Resolution to Automatic (Based on input resolution) and not only did ConvertXtoDVD do the conversion but burned the disc to a DVD in one easy step. The resulting DVD disc played on my Desktop PC AS WELL AS both my DVD player and my Blu-Ray player with no issues. The resulting video quality, although not quite as good as the video's I burn to run on my Blu-Ray player, is far better than the relatively low resolution that a normal DVD video image has. I'm ecstatic! So again a special thanks to dminter.
  3. Thanks for the followup. I have used WinX HD converter to convert the AVI file to MP4 but since that didn't work, I was told that MP4 is a container file and DVD nor Blu Ray players play that. So does ConvertXToDVD use some other process to get the ultimately created file (whether starting with AVI or any other file type) and get the resulting file when burned to a DVD will play in the DVD or Blu Ray player? Keep in mind, I want to keep the same 1920X1080 resolution that the originally created file was created with.
  4. I have a video editing program that allows me to make home movies of pictures I've taken of the family. Once the high-resolution (1920x1080) AVI video file is saved. I drag it to Imgburn and select "Write files/folders to disc" and then start the burning process on a new DVD+R disc. The resulting DVD plays just fine, with excellent video quality, on the desktop computer's DVD player, however, the disc will not play in my standalone DVD player connected to my Smart TV nor my portable DVD player. These DVD players say the DVD disc isn't compatible. I've noticed several settings under both the Options tab and the Advanced tab but have not tried changing any of them. Are there some settings that I need to change so that the DVD disc will play on the standalone DVD players as well as the computer's DVD player? BD

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