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  1. I have done everything except use some cut & polish paste. I have tried both my LiteOn LH-18A1P (DVD?RW) and also my LG GCC-4520B (CDRW/DVD) to no avail. Are there any settings I need to alter at all ? i.e. I/O interface settings are ElbyCDIO - Elaborate Bytes....? Also what about the ImageBurn update question ?? Thanx again.... Cheers
  2. Hi again, I've had a bad CD day, trying in vain to back-up some old old DVD's with more scratches on them than a rappers vinal LP !!! Have literally spent half a day in vain with nothing but errors using CloneDVD2, Nero, and AnyDVD Ripper.......... alas to no avail. Having used Imageburn b4, but not much else other than the above, what's the best way to overcome the read errors caused by scratched CD's ? The reason I ask is that my ImageBurn is now up to 2 read errors with over 102 retries so far, with a read ratebetween 26 KB/s and 0 with only 38 % completed. Firstly how does it actually deal with read errors, and will writing 0's into the .iso cause a normal household DVD player to freeze etc when played back after burning ? Also, do I have to un-install version to install the new 2.3.whatever version ? Or just install it over the top...... Thanx again for your patience....... Cheers from Melbourne. Paul.
  3. 2. Download and install the trial version of CloneDVD from http://www.slysoft.com/. As a byproduct of installing CloneDVD, you also install something called the ELBYCDIO driver which doesn't need admin access to run. After installing CloneDVD and rebooting your PC, open the ImgBurn settings from the TOOLS menu, select the I/O tab, then select ELBYCDIO and close the window. Fixed. (Hopefully). Ahhhhhhhhh How easy was that ? I do have ClodeDVD2 and Clone CD and AnyDVD. So I adjusted the above I/O setting and presto !! Both drives are there and happy. Now all I have to do is learn how to fly the prog and start using it........ All I wanted it for was to write .ISO files of PS2 games for backups. So here goes.......... Thanx muchly
  4. Hi guys, First post and I'm asking a question....... That's not good. But I promise I have found and used the search button, exhausted even googles patience also. I'm running XPProSP2 on a 1.8gig P4 1gig of ram. The system has just been rebuilt and is working beautifully. I have been reading till my eyes bled about the myriad of burning and .ISO creating progs out there, consulted the many forums I'm involved with and my search has ended with ImageBurn Freshly installed it will only detect my CD-RW drive, and not my DVD-RW drive. I know from reading there could be numerous reasons for this, however the below info might narrow it down a bit I hope. The new DVD-RW just installed today is the LITE-ON DVD-RW LH-18A1P. The one it detects above is LG DVDROM CD-RW 4520B. I also have a virtual drive with Daemon tools It doesn't detect, but that doesn't bother me at all. Here is the log > I 14:00:19 ImgBurn Version started! I 14:00:19 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) I 14:00:20 Initialising SPTI... I 14:00:20 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... E 14:00:25 CreateFile Failed! - Device: '\\.\CdRom0' (F:) E 14:00:25 Reason: Access is denied. E 14:00:30 CreateFile Failed! - Device: '\\.\CdRom2' (X:) E 14:00:30 Reason: Access is denied. W 14:00:30 Errors were encountered when trying to access 2 drives. W 14:00:30 These drives will not be visible in the program. I 14:00:30 Found 1 DVD-ROM/CD-RW! Funny thing is it will detect all drives in Admin, but not with my user profile. I'm a noob, so plz be gentle with me and the jargon also (Snapperhead puts on asbestos suite and dives behind a large rock) I haven't yet burned anything or used the program, so may well have further questions in the future. Thanx in anticipation guys. I love ya work........... Keep it up !!
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