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  1. norsemike

    imgburn won't start erase of dvd+r

    Thanks Ch3 and db your explanation made it very clear dvdrw solved my snag
  2. norsemike

    imgburn won't start erase of dvd+r

    they haven't been used allI did was format it before starting, I just use several making a dvd with out using dvd flick and imgburn, I can do that , only problem is they don't play on a dvd player. I can play them on my laptop and desktop , so why would that be ? I'll buy some new dvds to cover that base got a suggestion.
  3. when I'm at the point when img pops up and starts it never gets past erase, does not start to says content on disk. And they are already fully formatted before I start to try to burn and using dvd flick also I've checked and rechecked settings and uninstalled and reinstalled both dvd flick and imgburn . No change

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