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  1. MartinDisk

    I've done everything right, but it doesn't work.

    Oh well, maybe i Will buy a USB CD drive.
  2. MartinDisk

    I've done everything right, but it doesn't work.

    well it's an educational game, at least 1 of them is (in english is called "my amazing human body", and there's another one, it's like a digital dictionary (only launched in Portugal). Oh i just read the cover and it said it is copy protected and there may be some problem reading in some cd readers. And, i can't make the image from the original CD, because my PC doesn't have a cd drive.
  3. Ok, I found some old cd I had, and I wanted to try it, but my laptop doesn't have a cd drive. So i used my brother's PC, copied the files in the cd to a usb stick, then in my pc i installed IMGburn, made the iso file, ran the setup (from the program in the CD), it installed the program, but when i was going to start the program, it gave me an error message saying " you put the wrong cd in the drive, please put the correct cd", it's kinda the "no CD found" error. So that doesn't work. And I would like to know if I did anything wrong. The cd is in portuguese, because I am portuguese and I bought it at some electronics shop a long time ago. If you want to know what it says, just use google translate.

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