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  1. I take it, that's a setting I don't have control of and perhaps best not have. So, am I right in thinking for BD-RE, ensuring all three formatting setting conditions are ticked is the ideal? How best would these three format conditions be set for BD-R?
  2. That's good to know. As you see, I use 25GB BD-RE and I also use 25GB BD-R and less so BD-R DL (50GB)/BD-RE DL. Now knowing the quality of Verbatim is more suspect than in previous years, what manufacturers do you suggest for these disc types.
  3. That's interesting. These are Verbatim discs, manufactured in Singapore and chosen for there supposed superior quality. I have elected to use Verbatim discs for the last 15+ years based on a variety of user group findings, in particularly Redfox (previously Slyfox). Up until now, I have only had problems with with other makes of disc and perhaps the odd issue with the initial 50GB versions. I have not encountered the AnyDVD problem, probably because I heed the warning and ensure it is disabled. I will watch the future write process times and see what happens.
  4. Attached is the log file from one of the lengthy burns. Interestingly, after doing a 'Full Erase' (which I assume includes a reformat), burning again, the time dropped to 38 minutes as for this disc in its earlier life. ImgBurn_191120.log
  5. You were right! Having tried yet another BD-RE (not new but less used) the time dropped to 38 minutes. I guess it's Murphy's Law that I would pick up two consecutive discs that had reached their EOL. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I did try another disc as I wondered if that might be the problem but had the same result. I have also tried a second optical drive and the times are exactly the same (within seconds). I didn't save a log file, so perhaps I should do another burn and post one, just in case there is a setting I am not seeing.
  7. I have used ImgBurn for years without paying a lot of attention because 'it just works'. However recently, I had a major OS failure that required a software rebuild and reinstallation of the majority of apps, including ImgBurn. I have just burnt a 25GB Blu ray x2 BD-RE (21GB content), which has taken 1hr 25m. As I recall, it never took that long previously and while, as I said, I never really paid a lot of attention, I think it was around the 40-50mins. Please can someone firstly confirm whether my 40-50minutes is correct before I start asking for help to work out what might be slowing the process down.
  8. I have been burning BD-R and BD-RE with an Asus BW-16D1HT and recently the device buffer indication has been sitting at 62% and not 100%. Does this suggest a problem with the drive? ImgBurn.log
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