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  1. I am trying to make copies of some music CDs (home made- not protected). When I get to the writing step I get the message: "Your image doesn't appear to be of the correct format for burning onto a DVD." Does this mean I need to buy a different kind of disk to burn to? If so, what should I look for?
  2. " in the pane of image file info on the left hand side, what is the Size field in bytes? " answer- the size is 824,670,000 bytes. " are you putting in recordable DVD's into your burner instead of recordable CD's? If they're music CD's, you'll need CD-R or CD-RW to burn the image to. " answer- I am trying to record onto a DVD-R. " You can't burn (proper) music CDs to DVD, you need to buy some CD-R discs." answer- I will order some CD-R disks and give it another try. Thank-you, Lightning, for taking the time to help me out.

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