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  1. A proprietary format; okay, that makes sense then.  I can't expect ImgBurn to work correctly with something like that.

    Dang; that means I'd have to track down some old disc somewhere that probably doesn't work on my modern computer, or download a trial version that probably won't include the feature I need, or outright buy software I'd never use again.  ...Actually I could just get on eBay and buy another copy of the disc I want to burn for less than what it would cost to buy Alcolhol 120%.  These people need to rethink their business model.

    Thank you for the help/information.

    It's a relatively minor thing, but I would suggest editing the error code to say "Only single track images are supported with this format" or possibly a more informative "This is a proprietary format and we can only support its single-track images.  You will need to use the original software that created this file."  The current method of selecting a file that is listed among the supported file types (in windows' open dialogue) and then being told that the format isn't supported is a little confusing.  I get what it was saying now, but at the time it looked more like an error.

    Again, thank you for clearing that up.

  2. I've been using imgBurn for a while, but I've never had this problem before.

    I was trying to burn a disc from an mdf and mds file.  But when I selected the file, I got the error:


    Invalid or unsupported image file format!
    Reason: Only single track images are supported.

    Now if there was something borked with the file, I'd understand.  If it was just a format it didn't read, I could understand that, but would be honestly surprised.  But when it tells me that only single track images are supported, I find that hard to believe.  I am wondering now if I have something wrong in my settings or missed a step or if I just have an old version.
    How am I supposed to get this image burned?


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