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  1. Hi everyone, So yeah a folder with DVD files in it, vob sup ifo etc.. When I play that folder using VLC, it plays fine, menus works perfect, movie and extras also. So I tried to build a DVD9 using the build option in imgburn. So I followed the guide, in the guide section of the forum, everything "seemed" to have worked perfectly. So I went to check if the image was ok, I mounted the MDS file imgburn created and the movie opened in VLC. Now when I clicked the play movie on the DVD menu, the Bandai logo looked completely corrupted with crazy squares all over the place. Then I went back to the root menu and clicked on one of the extras, same thing, the video is filled with corrupted squares. So just to be sure I checked the source (the folder in which the original files are) and those two part (and the rest) are okay and are not affected by this weird corruption. So the problem as been created by the build option of ImgBurn in some way. I tried to rebuild it 2 times with the same result. I have checked my RAM using MemTest86, checked hard drive for bad clusters, etc etc... It doesn't seem to be my hardware... anyone know why it would do such a thing? Thank you in advance Esteban
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