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    Backing up PS2 games

    Samsung TSST SH-S182D is my DVD-Burner I'm using e-blue 1-8x DVD-R incase if you need that for reference. Would Samsung Pleomax 8x DVD+R be good? I saw it on an online shop but it doesn't say the DVD CODE so I don't know which manufacture Samsung uses.
  2. Murdoc

    Backing up PS2 games

    Which is why others have asked you for the log file so they can see the media code those disc's have or have faked. Ps2 is as already mentioned very picky with media, having a crap laser does not help it either. which way is the ps2 loading thru swap magic or dedicated chip ? If swap magic that may be your problem and not the disc, try zoneloader if so. Or try some other media, preferably good like suggested taiyo yuden or verb mcc Perhaps it maybe bad media. I bought it when I went back to Asia so I guess it's not some American known brand. However, using that disk I'm able to back up another game though which is why I wonder why it wouldn't work for this one. My PS2 is already modded so I don't need swap magic.
  3. Murdoc

    Backing up PS2 games

    the program doesn't fail to write it, but the game simply doesn't load properly. It goes past the initial intro cinematics fine but when the game loads, it just stays loading. The brand name is e-blue, I'm not sure where it comes from.
  4. Murdoc

    Backing up PS2 games

    Hey there, I've been attempting to backup a PS2 game recently. I've created the ISO image and when I tried to burn a copy of it using imgburn, the game loaded but stopped as soon as the loading screen appeared. I've tried using 4x,2x,1x for writing speeds. I'm currently using DVD-R (DVD CODE: EDR035H) Can someone tell me what's wrong? Is it because of incorrect settings for imgburn? Or is it the type of DVD that I'm using?

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