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  1. I used these to make a copy of Sonic adventure on a different computer to test and that worked but on this one it won’t. On the computer from the OP I tried burning another copy of Burning Rangers for the Saturn with these and it worked but that’s an .iso I also copied a random music CD with these CD-Rs to test and that worked.
  2. So I'm trying to back up my old Dreamcast and Saturn games and use CD-Rs so keep my actual discs put away and I successfully got my Saturn Library completed and then went online and put the files from PFCTOC into my System Folder for IMGBURN to make it recognize CDI files but whenever I try to burn (I've ruined 15 discs trying different things) I get the error that's in the log attached. I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything as well any help would be incredible. ImgBurn.log

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