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    different md5 sha1 on downloadof setup

    DBMinter said : "I would always try Mirror 7 first over the others. The other mirrors are outside of ImgBurn's control and who knows what wrappers they've added around the installer to insert their own bloatware. Or even malware." Thanks for your comment , I am hoping to see a reply from " The Administration". If there were bloatware or malware , would not make the download larger , as the mirror7 source is ?
  2. downloaded seuup_imgburn_2.5.8.0.exe frpm mirror1(Digital Digest) , the md5 and sha1 values on download page are different to those generated by fciv . Downloading from Mirror7 , fciv generates the nmd5 and sha1 values shown on download page. Which of the two downloads should I trust ? Regards , Brian. P.S. Downloads from Mirrors 1 ,5,6 are all same size at 3,030KB and produce same md5 and sha1, which are different to those on download page. download from Mirror 7 is larger at 3,870KB and sha1 concurs with download page. Am I being paranoid , or just confused.

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