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  1. Yes, I use PowerDVD and sometimes I use Nero Showtime, but I don't think it's a software issue because when I insert the Burnt DL DVD, it seems like it tries to read it but it can't. And when I open "My Computer" and double click on the drive, it says: that it cannot read the disk and that it might be corrupt. But I know it isn't corrupt because it works really well on all the other DVD players at home. I use TDK DL DVDs. MORE DETAILED INFO: I have 2 DVD burners on the computer. 1 is the DL burner the other is a normal DVD burner. (btw the DVD burner can read DVDs, not just write) I burn the DL DVD using my DL DVD Burner, and when I try to play it, I use the normal DVD burner Drive. Therefore I'm wondering if DL DVDs can be played on standard DVD-ROM drives? Or is my DVD Drive faulty? Appreciate the quick replies latin_l3oi
  2. Hello, BACKGROUND INFO: A few months ago, I started using DL DVDs but I couldn't manage to burn the DVD-Video files on disc using Nero and other programs. I was recommended to use imgburn, but I still had problems burning the DVD because the DVD would work on some DVD Players but not on others. I was told to change its "booktype" to "DVD-ROM" instead of "normal". PROBLEM: Since then, I hadn't had a problem till now. I've recently realised that when I burned them as "DVD-ROM" it would work on every DVD Player I have at home EXCEPT on the PC's DVD Player. Any suggestions or recommendations; greatly appreciated. latin_l3oi
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