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    Program stands still....

    I rebooted several times already yesterday but nothing changed. Then I had to as I even couldn't kill the process of ImgBurn... But there might be kind of a windows-reason: Yesteraday I only rebooted, when I was done, I drove down the system. Maybe driving down and reboot causes different actions? WHo knows.. but as long as the problem is solved, I don't care anymore before it happens the next time :-)
  2. magmadrag

    Program stands still....

    I don't know what changed since yesterday! Can't see any updates or something else, but today it works! I am a little bit confused about that fact but HAPPY :-)
  3. magmadrag

    Program stands still....

    Well, today I justd installed my new BluRay-Recorder (Pioneer BDR-209EBK) So burning starts and works. As I always choose the option "verify", during the burning process there is reached the point "Cycling Tray before Verify..." and at this point of the process nothing else happens. What means: The drive doesn't open for cycling - at least not during the first five minutes - altough it worked fine before with other drives. What I did so far: uninstalling and new installing of ImgBurn When this happened for the first time, before I un- and reinstalled, I simply killed the program. The only confusing thing then was that altough I killed the program, it's process still was running and I had no access to the drive. So I had to kill the process, too, and the result was a well burnt BluRay. But as I am used to use verify (easier than to check every disc in the BluRay-Player first), I would appreciate support what goes wrong and how I could change this! Thanks in advance!

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