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  1. I was going to back up my data onto SL but I noticed that the 25GB, 50 pack spindle on Amazon (U.K.), does not have the MABL branding like it does on your version of the discs. Reading through some of the recent reviews, it suggests to me that something is awry and that perhaps the quality of the newer discs are of lower quality. From what I can gather it has something to with Verbatim no longer producing the discs and handing over full production to CMC Magnetics who have a reputation for poor quality control. Anyways, I noticed the 100GB BDXL discs on Amazon U.K. also didn’t have the MABL branding which made me hesitant so after some further research, I found German seller that had the ones with MABL so had them imported. All of them have burned and verified successfully albeit incredibly slow. I wonder if I can find out the manufacture date of these discs?
  2. The ones I’m using and referring to are BDXL TL (Not the M-Disc). I think MABL is another way of saying ‘HTL’ aka inorganic recording layer.
  3. @dbminter the discs I’m using have the MABL branding on the package and on the back it says Made in Taiwan. IMGBurn says the MID is: VERBAT-IMe-000 Do you know if these are the discs manufactured by Verbatim themselves which are of higher quality? Cheers
  4. Update: The Verbatim BD-R XL (TL) [100GB] disc burned 88GB worth of data (files/folders) and passed verification at 6x speed using a Pioneer BDR-212EBK. It took approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.
  5. I’m going to do a test tomorrow with a TL disc for the first time and see if it passes verification. I upgraded my drive last week to a Pioneer BDR-212EBK, because my old drive didn’t support BDXL TL/QL. I’m thinking now that even if that disc passes verification, from what you’ve said, I’d be better off backing up onto SL discs. At least then I can buy more discs than I need, which will allow some margin of error aka the dreaded coasters! Let’s say I burned the data onto SL, that’s going to be somewhere in the count of 50-60 discs. Will it be okay to store them on the spindles as long as they are away from direct sunlight and in the back of a cupboard or drawer for example?
  6. Firstly I apologise in advanced if I have misunderstood anything you have said, I want to make sure I understand the process properly. At first I was going to perform this back up onto BDXL 100GB discs because I wanted as fewer discs as possible + they come in full size jewel cases which supposedly protects the discs? Do you store your 25GB discs on spindles? Are the examples below correct? Steps for ‘writing on the fly’: 1. Select ‘write files/folders’ to disc 2. Copy and paste the required amount of episodes to fill the capacity of the disc 3. Select ‘verify’ and deselect ‘verify from image’ 4. Click burn Results: SL - verification success likely. TL - verification success unlikely due to the layer break Steps for writing image to disc: 1. Create image from files or folders 2. Select write image to disc 3. Choose .ISO file 3a. (Select layer break if using TL disc) 4. Select ‘verify’ and make sure ‘verify from image’ is selected 5. Click burn Results: SL - verification success likely TL -verification success likely due to preselecting the layer break
  7. If I’m just writing files, do I need to deselect ‘verify from image’ in the verify settings? What’s your opinion on burning to BD-R SL, DL, TL, QL? Are successful burns more likely with SL as opposed to TL?
  8. Hello, I have approx 1.3TB worth of DVD remux files stored on an external portable hard drive. I plan on creating a back up of the files onto Verbatim BD-R XL TL Blu-ray Discs for long term storage as the DVD’s are now discontinued and virtually impossible to find. I would like the files to be stored on the discs ‘as is’ (MPEG-2/EAC3 stored in a .MKV container) and will not be creating an image or zipping the files beforehand. Is it necessary to verify the burn and do I need to deselect the option ‘verify from image’ beforehand? The write speed on the discs are advertised as 4x maximum but according the manufacture of my drive (Pioneer) 6x speed is supported for the specification of the discs I am using. To increase the probability that the burn is successful, should I set the speed at 4x instead of leaving it on AWS? Is there anything else I need to know about the process or settings to increase the chances that the burns are successful? Thanks for your help
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