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  1. PrimeraUser

    One Autoloader with multiple drives possible?

    Yes, they have their own burn software - PTPublisher which has an option to use both drives. So it loads the first drive, starts burning, then loads the second drive, start burning and so on. Its just that the software is very basic and doesn't support the filesystems imgburn do (in my case HFS+).
  2. PrimeraUser

    One Autoloader with multiple drives possible?

    Thanks for the response. Any chance that you implement that - I can not estimate how much work this would be? Or do you have any idea for a workaround? It would really help me a lot :-)
  3. Hi together, I am new to this board and just started using ImgBurn some weeks ago - really the best burn software I've seen so far. I use a Primera Disc Publisher 4102 which has two drives to burn and one Autoloader to work with these two drives. When I try to burn from ImgBurn I have to choose what drive it will use (either the top or the bottom drive). So my question is: Can we tell ImgBurn somehow to use both drives at the same time? If I burn 100 discs, it would almost double the speed! I thought about running two ImgBurn instances but I am afraid that it will not work correct, because it is only one robot (...that I think can not be controlled by two instances at the same time)?! Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance :-)

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