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  1. Good Morning. I'm trying to record 1x on my recorder and the writing speed I want appears, but the writing rate is not the same, it is always 3.5x. Why? Does this mean that I am recording at 1X but in fact the unit will read 3.5x? Note: When I record at other speeds this also happens. Log_Wagner.log
  2. Wagner

    imgburn failed to send cue sheet

  3. Wagner

    imgburn failed to send cue sheet

    I'm sending the CUE SHEET that you asked for. Did you see it? Image.cue
  4. Good Morning. I tried to find an answer to my question in the topics and got no results. The problem is that ImgBurn is not writing a CD and this error message appears at the end: Failed to send cue sheet. Reason: Invalid Field in Parameter List. Log do wagner.txt

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