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  1. Aimé

    Check DVDs health

    Ah you mean ripping the disc? ImgBurn has correctly ripped my DVD and it seems to run well until where I stopped it.
  2. Aimé

    Check DVDs health

    Reading a disc into an image file? Do you mean like burning something into that disc and see if all is correct? There are things I don't really understand. Now since I rip my DVDs I don't use them anymore, I watch my films by running the ISO into WMPlayer only. But I made this ISO when the DVD had those very little scratches. Did it keep the issues of the disc due to the scratches or not? Knowing that the scratches are nonexistent when you're looking at the disc normally but only if you look at it by tilting it.
  3. Aimé

    Check DVDs health

    ImgBurn did return an error at my first check. It worked fine at my second. Yeah I meant little scratches, not illegibles sectors. I have like 2 very litte scratches on a disc that you can see if you take it on a special angle.
  4. Aimé

    Check DVDs health

    Hi dbminter, thank you for your answer. Actually I don't think that my DVDs are scratched up to be unable to be read, just parts where the sound or image is a bit buggy like when you're watching the TV with a bad connection or while a storm. " You could always try copying the contents with File Explorer" You mean that if a sector is broken, the entire file won't appear or just some bytes in illesibles? " While the VIDEO_TS, if encrypted, won't be readable" if it's encrypted how would you read the disc even being not broken? To my side, I made ISOs that I open in WMPlayer without converting them to anything so in this case I don't really know how the copyright thing stops you reading them. "Another thingyou can do is play your DVD in a player but Scan the contents fast forward through them at a relatively slower rate, like 10x on the PS3, which is what I do." uh you lost me. Play the disc at a x10 slower speed then what? Also I don't own a PS3, just a PC with an optical lector. "Then, just test scan all the contents on the disc. If you get pauses in the scan, you've probably got bad sectors." Is that just playing the disc in a media player or using a specific software to scan all disc sectors and see if some are broken? " Another thing that might work is a manually executed Verify on the discs without the verify against file option check. This basically performs a read test similar to creating an ISO from a disc without actually writing the ISO" ah I did that on my disc. I ripped it, checked it both with the iso and without. The first time there were an "unknow error" when it finished, saying I may upgrade but I have the latest version. I did it another time then worked fine, ended with something like "finished". The ISO got created without AnyDVD or like, it seems that the disc isn't protected. Sorry for all those quotes and questions, I am new to DVDs ripping and there's a lot of things I don't correctly understand about. Thank you for your patience.
  5. Aimé

    Check DVDs health

    Hello everyone, recently the idea to rip my DVDs as ISOs came to my brain. Having an optical lector, I downloaded ImgBurn then ripped my DVDs. But another thing came into my brain. Is it possible to check the DVD's health with ImgBurn? I mean by "check the DVD health" to know if some sectors are illegible or broken because of scratches or others physical problems. Thank you and have a great day.

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