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  1. I had ImgBurn on my XP desk top back in 2010. I used it to burn files on to a double density CD that were important family files such as photo/video ( s ). Here we are in 2020 and the XP computer I used has had hard drive disk problems causing the loss of the very files that were burned on the dd CD as mentioned above. We now have a very nice all in one windows 10 system and would like to recover the files burned by ImgBurn on the dd CD. The old XP computer still operates and still has the CD disk originally used to create the dd CD, but ImgBurn no longer exists on it and the old computer is currently not connected to the internet. The other issue is that our new Windows 10 computer does not have a CD drive, although a USB CD drive could be connected to it if need be. What would be your suggestion in this case? If I put the current version of ImgBurn on my new Windows 10 system, which is connected to the internet and purchase a USB CD drive, would ImgBurn be able to detect and read the dd CD created in 2010, thereby giving me access to my lost files? The other option I see is to reconnect the old XP system to the internet, reinstall ImgBurn, and then use the CD drive on the XP system to read the dd CD disk it created in 2010. I apologize for this lengthy post, but any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated by our family. Thanks for your patience, GeorgeN
  2. Dbminter, you have been a great help to me and I really appreciate your good advise. I will make sure the USB optical drive I purchase has the full capabilities you describe. I will keep you informed of my adventure going forward. All the Best, George
  3. My apologies for my poor eye sight. After looking more carefully at the disc, it was actually a double layer DVD-R not a CD at all. I think I will take your advice and purchase a USB drive capable of reading and writing both DVD and CD disks. As far as using ImgBurn on my new Window 10 computer, I seemed remember that I liked the program when I used it on the old XP system. Do you see anything negative about having it as a tool on the newer system? I again apologize in misleading you about the dbl density CD. I do think that Sony actually had some sort of proprietary attempt in 2000 at this that never really went anywhere. I will do as you suggested and will let you know how it works out. My sincere thanks for your advice, George

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