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  1. Also what is the default strategy for burning a data disc? SAO or TAO or something else? what is better for me burn some videos and PDF files along with some music for archiving purposes? I don’t intend to play them in the Blu-Ray disk or normal kind of player. I’m also burning some video disc for me to watch in the future, just some TV shows, what is the recommended format in this circumstance? Thanks.
  2. 0b4c94f8480f8cd13e160bceaaaa8b29 checked my MD5 so it should be fine. Thanks.
  3. Also what is the best format for data archiving with Blu-Ray Discs (M-disc) Disks? UDF2.6 Mode 1? and why is it read only in macOS and windows but UDF 2.50 is write and read both? I've also heard about the malware IMGburn was installing (like CPU mining etc), is there still such a thing? Is there any options for me to mark the disk 'not writable at all' after my initial burning even if there is space on the disk? I don't want any alters to the data at all after my burning.
  4. I have a SATA burner (LG BH16NS55), possibly the best M-disc burner, however, I don't use windows anymore and I don't use desktop anymore.. so there is the tricky question: 1. I am using MacBook Pro 16 inch (2019) and using a SATA to USB3.0 cable which supports optical burner (with 12V/2A power), connects the MacBook using Belkin's USB3.0 HUB, using macOS Parallel Desktop 16 running Windows to use IMGBurn to burn my disks.. 2. Is there a big risk? or I should just buy a windows laptop to use the SATA-USB3.0 cable with 12v/2a power? 3. or buy a desktop that uses SATA and windows, so there is no risk at all? because I think the first way is through many chipsets and converters. OS limitations and virtual OS are also tricky too. M-disc is not a cheap thing especially I am burning 100GB ones, so I'm just seeking for help if anyone has tried running IMGBurn through virtual machines running Windows (such as VMware or Parallel Desktop) on macOS with a USB-C (thunderbolt3) to USB-3.0 hub connecting this SATA Burner through a SATA to USB3.0 cable with 12V/2A Power?

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