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  1. Hello I'm using the Autoloader library of Imgburn for Nimbie. Is there a setting for Imgburn that rejects automatically a disc and gets the next disc in case the drive can't initialize a DVD? I'm getting an error incompatible medium installed and Nimbie is simply waiting. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello I've installed BSRobots_2.2.0.333 in ImgBurn and it can load and unload discs automatically from Nimbie. That's great. But I'm using on my PC an internal DVD writer as well and it doesn't work. ImgBurn tries to initialise Nimbie which is busy and I can't open a second Window with ImgBurn in order to use it with my internal DVD. What do I need to change in the settings? Thanks in advance. p.s. I'm using a batch script for both DVD writers (Nimbie and internal drive) and maybe there is an option to start ImgBurn via command line without the initialisation of the auto loader? Best Regards
  3. Gubin

    using Nimbie + internal DVD on one PC

    That sounds great, I will check this. Thank you!
  4. Gubin

    using Nimbie + internal DVD on one PC

    I'm using a batch script. It opens a new ImgBurn window for each DVD and closes it after the finish. The same script I'm using for the internal DVD. Is there a parameter I could add to enable/disable the initialisation of the auto loader? for /d %%i in (*.*) do ( "C:\Program Files (x86)\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE BUILD /BUILDINPUTMODE STANDARD /BUILDOUTPUTMODE DEVICE /SRC "%%i\" /DEST "Z:" /FILESYSTEM "ISO9660 + UDF" /UDFREVISION "1.02" /VOLUMELABEL "%%i" /SPEED 8x /NOIMAGEDETAILS /START /CLOSESUCCESS /EJECT YES /WAITFORMEDIA ) The Nimbie has the letter Z: and the internal DVD has the letter V:

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