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  1. Becaus I want to be sure a self edited movie is working properly on my home cinema center I always use a BD RE 50GB. Untill now I used one from Sony, but I think there is a big error on that disc, because I get a lot of errors. That's why I bought a new Verbatim BD-RE DL 50GB and want to made a new start. I didn't work with IMGBurn before (always with PowerIso) but because of the positive comments I've downloaded it yesterday and have been trying to burn on the new disc. First I got the message I have to format the disc, so I started that. Than I saw the software was going to "zeroing" the disc. He did that untill 34 GB and stopped than. After waiting for one hour and still on 34 GB I tried to stop the program. That didn't work and I shut the computer down. After that I could eject the disc and now I'm burning the iso of the movie with PowerIso again. I'm irritated by that because I think IMGBurn is a more friendly program and that's why I'm asking if the proces above is normal. That will cost a lot of time and my thoughts tell me thats there was going something wrong. Who can help? Kind regards, Jos

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