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  1. So, you have a copy someone made from an original and that's what you're trying to duplicate? yes With that copy you have inserted in a DVD drive, open ImgBurn and choose Create an image file. yes There's a pane of information about the disc on the right hand side of the top ImgBurn window. Is that the information you copied and pasted before in your previous reply? yes If it's not, copy and paste that info from the right pane into a post here. I would think if worse comes to worst and ImgBurn cannot copy the disc, you can try something else. In Build mode, drag and drop all the contents from the source disc into a new Build job and create a new ISO that way, bypassing the copy operation. Try burning that ISO and see if that works. i will try If that doesn't work, then ImgBurn may not be able to natively handle that disc. You could try using Windows itself to burn the ISO to a disc or some other burner application and see if you get any better results. Alcohol has a free version that might be able to image that disc and burn the copy. Haven't used that in some years, though, but I do know there are certain Playstation 1 discs Imgburn cannot image with the combination of some hardware and Alcohol worked. thanks for the info, i will try also
  2. thanks for replay the dish i have is not a original disk, some one in UK has been able to duplicate. in which way is what i want to understand. possible is possible but i do not know in which way. yes i try to duplicate, no problem to create a imagine copy on HD but when i try to burn the imagine on the dvd+r dl the SW open the window, imagine to big and ofer two possibility, over write or cut the imagine. i try both but then no one dvd works !!!
  3. Hi to everyone, Sorry if i not replay yet but i had problem at home bu the problem is still on. this is what i get from the sw: HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH40L RB02 (USB) Current Profile: DVD+R DL Disc Information: Status: Complete State of Last Session: Complete Erasable: No Sessions: 1 Sectors: 4 248 336 Size: 8 700 592 128 bytes Time: 944:06:36 (MM:SS:FF) MID: MKM-003-00 Supported Read Speeds: 2,4x, 4,8x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 12,1x Current Read Speed: 5x - 12,1x, 12,1x - 5x File System Information: Sectors: 4 248 336 Size: 8 700 592 128 bytes Time: 944:06:36 (MM:SS:FF) the dvd is a map dvd for car navigator and i do not nothing more one question for dbminter, what do you mean for DVD-9? where i could by a couple of these dvd? some other solution to copy the dvd? thank Andrea
  4. i try to burn and the program give me two option: over write or cut.... i think no one is a good option!
  5. Hi to everyone, i need to duplicate a dvd, i suppose dvd+r dl. i create a image on hd, the image size is 8,7gb. i need to burn on dvd+r dl but the capacity is only 8,5gb.....!! some advise?? thanks in advance

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