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  1. Hm, when I try to install the driver I get the error, "Valid ATAPI device can not be found!!! F/W model is BD-RE BU40N". Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for the quick response! Interesting to know that this drive isn't what I thought it was. I will try the firmware update, hopefully that will work and I don't need to buy a new drive ...
  3. Hi everyone! I've done several searches of the forum and other online resources, but haven't been able to find a solid answer that seems applicable to my situation (and I'm a n00b to this, so having a hard time navigating some of the more technical discussions out there). I have 20 Verbatim BD-R 1.3 25 GB discs that I am trying to burn some .iso files onto (none of these are DVD rips or anything like that, so this shouldn't be an issue of copy protection). For reference, these are custom printed Blue-Ray discs from https://www.blankmediaprinting.com/ in case its relevant (e.g. if this company has a reputation for bad discs that I don't know about). It's actually 2 copies each for 10 different .iso files. The drive I am using to burn them is an Archgon MD-8107S-U3YC-UHD. The first 6 discs (3 .isos) burned without any issues whatsoever. However, the next 2 that I have tried to burn (different .isos) have both encountered an error. Both have been I/O errors, though I think they have been slightly different ones. I didn't think to save a screenshot of the first error, but the second one is attached below. I've also attached the relevant log entries for the first error (log1) and second error (log2). I'm trying to figure out: 1) Is this some problem with the physical discs? I thought Verbatim BD-Rs were supposed to be good quality, but it's possible blankmediaprinting.com is a bad service. The discs all appear to be clean/scratchless so far as I can tell. 2) Is this a problem with the drive I'm using to burn? It worked perfectly for the first 6, so not sure what would cause it to start failing. 3) Is this a problem with the .iso files themselves? Not sure what I would look for with those files to figure that out. I unfortunately don't have any extra blank BD-R discs I could try testing the burn on, nor do I currently have access to another drive I could test either. I understand that those might be the next steps I have to take, but I'd like to try and diagnose the issue as much as possible before that point. log1.txt log2.txt
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