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  1. Help me please I'm desperate looking for M-Disc DVD 4.7GB spindle of 10 or 15 units to buy but I can't find it at a good price for Brazil, here I don't sell it but on amazon, ebay, newegg the freight and rates are too high someone can you help me?
  2. I would think to contact the M-Disc Verbatim DVD manufacturer but I don't know the actual manufacturer of this disc in 2016 i have stored two asus internal sata dvd drives model DRW-24F1MT/BLK/B/AS and i wanted to keep them for future use
  3. thank you for the explanation I had CMC discs in 2013 but today I have M-Disc DVD Verbatim and I burned files on it in your opinion M-Disc has more resistance than other discs in glue and polycarbonate?
  4. Will it survive even without me knowing the PIE, PIF and jitter values after burning the M-Disc DVD?
  5. i thought M-Disc DVD was marketing for a living decades the truth is i just ran the read test but i know that PIF, PIE and jitter secretly increase
  6. i store files on mdisc dvd for a few years but the only test i ran was read test 100% good but i don't know if it's recommended to do these pie, pif and jitter tests before storing m-discs for the long term?
  7. M-Disc DVD Verbatim have PIE, PIF and jitter errors after burning?
  8. M-Disc DVD produces many PIE, PIF, jitter errors after burning files? on DVD M-Disc discs stored for long periods without use do PIE, PIF, jitter errors increase more compared to moderately used discs?
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