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  1. Thank you all for your time in answering my inquiry, especially the last 2 posts by LIGHTENING UK AND DBMINTER. You both struck a bullseye with your responses. I tried your suggestion, and , BINGO, it worked. Thank you so much. Stay well. Rob
  2. It's not an impossible predicament I am in here, as I simply DO NOT use ImgBurn. Since ImgBurn seems to have this '' bug 'in it ( at least for me ) I will use DVD DECRYPTER. After formatting my discs, DVD DECRYPTER never tell me that I need to FORMAT the already formatted DVD+RW discs. It is more irritating than anything. And, NO, I do not use ImgBurn to format my discs. I simply go to Windows Explorer and use WIN 10 to format them. So, the blank DVD+RW's don't even '''see'' ImgBurn until I try to burn them. Thank you both for your help, but there doesn't seem to be a solution to what I am experiencing. When I FORMAT my blanks, and then to have ImgBurn tell me that I have to ''format my disc'' isn't worth the bother. But, the weird part of it is this just started happening a few weeks ago. And, I am using the same VERBATIM blanks as I have for the past several years. Stay well. Robert
  3. I have been successfully using Img Burn for many months now, and it has worked just fine. But, lately, it tells me ''disc needs formatting'', even though they have already been formatted. If I go ahead and format the disc again, it works fine. But, if I format the disc, eject the disc, reinstall the disc in drive, it again says '' disc needs formatting''. Perhaps there is a setting in the program that I am not familiar with.....? Has anyone else experienced this....? Thank You Very Much.
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