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  1. Yeah, I dont have a spare 360. I could use one myself. You know what I'm not even sure what the region difference is. Can some one explain this to me?
  2. Hmm.... Well I must say...., thank you for finding my wording so foible. I assume I must correct myself. I'm impassioned by your diction. PAL is the word you are seeking.
  3. I'd like to trade some of my (Old to me) 360 games in exchange for 360 games I do not have, I mean ANY game. We can trade for free I guess the only thing would be one way postage. I have a decently sized collection now but still dont have everything. There are a couple ways we can do this so feel free to PM me or post here. My current games that I can trade include: Crackdown Call Of Duty 3 Dead Rising Ninety Nine Nights: N3 F.E.A.R. Cabelas Alaskan Adventure Saints Row Gears Of War M.L.B. 2k7 PGR 3 Battlestations: Midway Test Drive: Unlimited Lost Plant: Extreme Condition T.M.N.T. BulletWitch Rainbow 6: Vegas PocketBike Racer Big Bumpin Sneak King Please PM me for a trade. Thanks!
  4. That's awsome to know! I have a LG and I keep changing the booktype everytime I backup anything, lol. I didn't read the update very well...
  5. I can help with this. The media you are using is not the issue it is your DVD player. I had the same problem until I learned about booktyping. Some older dvd players are made to read dvd-r type media only. With booktyping you change your media to be burned as dvd-rom which can be read by any DVD drive even the older ones. You can change your booktype in the options. There is also a little icon in your tray when you are in write mode. It's on the right side it looks like a open book. It worked for me. Good luck!
  6. You can not play back up games on the xbox360 without modifying your xbox and that will void your warranty. I'm sure you know that already though. As far as this goes: W 14:59:38 Failed to Write Sectors 256 - 287 - Logical Unit Communication CRC Error (ULTRA-DMA/32) That hasn't happened to me yet and I havn't seen any posts on this error. There are several people on here that will answer and help you. Lightning UK and others have helped me out soo much on this forum. I'm having some problems myself too right now. Someone here will help you soon.
  7. Thank you again Lightning UK! I look forward to your email. This started happening after DLing the new version of ImgBurn, I dont know, it may be coincidence. I have noticed that these two dvd's have the same print markings on the underside around where the hole is. It says DVRL or something, I'm at work I'll give you more info when I get home. I believe they were manufactured with the same type of media. It may have nothing to do with my problem but thought I would mention it. Thank you.
  8. I have ran into this problem with Two DVD's so far: Crank and Jackass Number Two. I'd like to know if anyone has succesfully backed up their copies of these movies. Thank you.
  9. Here is exactly what it looks like: Do you have any ideas what this could be? It only happens on a couple of my dvd's, Mainly the new ones, every other one I have had no problem. Thanks for any advice or help!
  10. Thanks Lightning, The file VTS_29_0.IFO is 160kb. When I try to build I get two error windows, the first says: Cannot read from file: D:\video_ts\vts_29_0.ifo Reason: Reached end of file the second window says: Fix VTS Sectors failed! Reason: IFOToBuffer ran into problems with VTS_29_0.IFO I'll try work on posting picures here so you can see for yourself. Thanks!
  11. I have backed up about five of my DVD's no problem but now am running into a error that says reached end of file after selecting my DL break spot. here is my log, help please. I 19:14:18 Operation Started! I 19:14:18 Building Image Tree... I 19:14:18 Checking Directory Depth... I 19:14:18 Calculating Totals... I 19:14:18 Preparing Image... I 19:14:20 Using Layer Break LBA: 2065305 -> 2081584 (VTS_01_0.BUP) E 19:14:21 Fix VTS Sectors Failed! - Reason: IFOToBuffer ran into problems with VTS_02_0.IFO. E 19:14:21 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:03 Help, thank you guys!
  12. I have a similar question that maybe you guys can help me on. I have built 3 small .iso files that are off 3 seperate dvd's. I want to have one DVD+R DL movie with a menu to choose between the 3. Would I use the process you discribed above or what shall I do? How would the process above play in a DVD player? Thank you!!!
  13. Sony outsource the manufacturiing of their media to other companies. We can see what the DVDs really are (highlighted below) from your logfile and Ritek are garbage. Thats pretty interesting. Well I have bought those Sonys' (Ritek) DVD+R DL Discs just cause they were less in cost. I've used 6 so far and have turned two of those into coasters. I mainly blame that on lack of knowledge for this program. I have since read much more on the forums and it seems that the consensus is Verbatim is the best. I plan on purchasing those from now on out. I also spoke with a few people that said Verbatim is way more durable and scratch resistant than any of it's closest competitors. Thanks for the help.
  14. I am very new to this community and these type of programs and files. I have seen .dvd files and .iso files but the only difference I can tell between them is that the .dvd file is alot smaller than it's similar .iso file. Can someone breifly tell me the difference?
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