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  1. I was just watching revisons3's tekzilla program and imgburn was featured on there as there freebie pick of the week. The episode in question can be found below and the imgburn bit is at about 20:50. http://revision3.com/tekzilla/b
  2. I've all ready got the auto update featured turned on, its just i read my feeds everyday where as i don't burn discs everyday. I do however like to play around with new software and having a RSS feed for the news which appears on the front page would allow me to get the new version of imgburn asap. Either way thanks for the suggestion polopony, i suppose until a RSS is available ill just have to use imgburn more often.
  3. It has nothing to do with burning images and video files which is why i didn't post in in bug, support or suggestions section of the forum. I was just wondering if getting a RSS feed for the news which appears on the imgburn front page is possible in the near future? Thanks
  4. Is this possible in the near future? Thanks
  5. Big thanks to LIGHTNING UK! and all beta testers, another great release. Can also say i love the huge detailed change logs you post, how you remember to keep track of everything little thing you change i don't know.
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