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  1. A 1:1 copy is exactly that. If I go converting the format, the whole point of it goes out the window.


    I actually find it very hard to believe any decent program would read a disc to an image and change it from what it was supposed to be.


    You are absolutely right, I was only saying that because I thought it was some sort of compatiblity problem, but it is not. So never mind.




  2. Thank you for the quick response :thumbup: . You are absolutely right , WinRar can only read Mode1 ISO images. And I have never noticed before because various programs I used before (like Nero) would convert Mode2 discs into Mode1 discs :unsure: .


    One question tough, how hard would it be to add an option to convert Mode2 discs to Mode1 on Read? The advantages would be a smaller file and a more comptability file. Obviously you can't do this for all CD's but for most CDs which are just data discs, it might be a good option to have.




  3. I am creating a new ISO image with the new read feature of ImBurn 2.2.0, but the resulting ISO image file is not readable by WinRAR. I can take the same CD and use another ISO creation program and it works fine in WinRAR.


    I release this could one of 3 things:

    1) A Bug in WinRAR

    2) A Bug in ImgBurn

    3) Not a bug but rather a different ISO format than the more common version of ISO (i.e. ISO v2.1 vs 2.3 (Made up numbers used only as a hypothetical example)).


    Since ISO images from other programs work in WinRAR I am thinking it is more a 2 or 3. The discontinued dvd decryptor would create files compatible with WinRAR. Since this is the first version with read function maybe it is a bug?



    Thanks for your help.




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