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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a ride see if I find success. DL's aren't cheap.
  2. I'm using AVI2DVD. IMGburn works fine when backing up my own DVD's. I played the VTS files through WMP like was suggested and sure enough at the climax of the movie "best picture" wink wink. It stops. Should I just try using different software?
  3. I'm somewhat new to this so I'm hoping I'm just a knuckle head..but.. Using Image burn I select the image file, insert the blank DVD. Burn is successful, movie played just fine. Last 8 1/2 minutes were gone, movie just stopped. No more chapters. I tried again with a DVD DL, I get a message stating that the movie will fit just fine on a single layer! I went ahead with the DL and got the same results, Movie ended in the same spot. The original AVI file is fine, complete. help me..
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