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    Burn ISO inside RAR-archive.

    As I said before... Some peopled obviously does not like the feature; however I think is would be fantastic! Like a wet dream coming true! /F
  2. Frog

    Burn ISO inside RAR-archive.

    Well... yes you are. Of course I do not want to burn the ISO on the DVD. I want to create a DVD from the ISO that recedes inside a rar-archive. So to what I want in details: 1. I backup my DVD to an ISO-file on disk just as normal. 2. I archive the recently created DVD-iso in a multi-file rar-archive. 3. Later I want to burn a DVD from the ISO that I previously made. (or some may say received in a some other way, what do I know? ) 4. I want to do that using ImgBurn without first un-raring the image to disk, I just let ImgBurn find the ISO inside the rar-archive and burn a DVD using the ISO as source on the fly. I just want to keep my rared ISO's and the player i XBMC (XBOX MediaCenter) can play the rar:ed ISO. Still thinks this would be an awsome feature! /F
  3. Frog

    Burn ISO inside RAR-archive.

    Well yes. But still it would save some time for people that are lazy. Several minutes each time un-raring is not needed. And for what I have unserstod it would not be to harde to implement. Just concatenating the data inside the rar-arachive that mostly not is compressed, just follwing the headers inside the arvhive to find all data-files and remove the headers from the files. Anyhow, requested by me. Its up to you.
  4. It would be reeeealy usefull to be able to burn DVD's from: ISO-image inside multi-file-rar archive. /F

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