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  1. Oh, I thought that all "LiteOns" had bitset support in their firmwares. How can I verify whether or not my drive has this set of instructions?
  2. I am unable to BitSet a Philips/Liteon (PLDS) DU-8A2S with firmware 4D13. I have inserted several DL +R and regular +R of various Brands. I am Using Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit with the default SPTI I/O drivers. I assume that this should use the standard LiteOn BitSet solution, as the LiteOn RPC1 Utility did work for me on this drive. Both the firmware and drive are new. They are being shipped with late model Dell Latitude E-Series laptops. The version of ImgBurn is I have included screenshots and logs. Let me know if you need additional information. ImgBurn.log
  3. 1) launch ImgBurn 2) go to "Build Mode" (CTRL+ALT+ 3) Click the "Labels" tab 4) the fields in the "Volume Identifiers" section all show blank 5) do not touch these fields (Should be Blank) and burn a disc through the build Image mode If you view the final product (the disc you just burned) with any program that has the ability to view the disc's volume identifiers, you will see "UNDEFINED" for the "System" field, and the "Application" field is actually populated with ImgBurn application information, even though the Build mode shows this field should be blank. IMHO, these values should be shown prepopulating the fields before the burn in the GUI so that the user can preview this information and modify accordingly. Also, command line options do not appear to support the Volume Identifiers fields.
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