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  1. Ok LUK, it'll be me I will buy one, set it up one of my PC's with PC anywhere, and let you have at it. Supporting this device will be a HUGE accomplishment for imgburn, as it could elimiate the need for a $1000-$2000+ duplicator **UPDATE 8/2/07 - Ok, I bought the unit and should receive and set it up tommorrow, 8/3/07. Will report when myself and LUK have things in order***
  2. I have a suggestion. If you want to copy a number of discs in a row, why not have a queue where you can name the output images, then when you start the queue, the disc tray pops out, copies the disc, and ejects the tray when done for the next disc? Kind of like how the queue is used to burn multiple disc images, but in the example above, the reverse.
  3. does that mean in the next version of imgburn, the image will burn properly?
  4. how would i send the first 5mb of a 4gb file?
  5. I have an MF Baxter DVD/CD automated duplicator. This device saves DVD images in .img format. For whatever reason, I can load up the resulting .img files into ImgBurn but the resulting disc is unreadable. The only program that seems to open or burn these is MagicISO. MagicISO also can convert these to .ISO but unfortunately, MagicISO doesn't have a batch convert option to convert multiple images to multiple ISO's. By the way, I am using XP, not a MAC and the images are not corrupt. I have already tried mounting the .img files with daemon tools and alcohol 120% but no luck.
  6. I have a mf baxter dvd duplicator (for the record, these are not Mac .img files) and when I set it to duplicate one or multiple DVD discs to my PC, it saves them with a .img extension. I tried burning this with imgburn (imgburn opens and burns them, but the resulting disc is unreadable), alcohol, nero, cloneCD, but the only program that can open/burn these .img files is magiciso. But I would like to be able to burn .img files with Imgburn. Any ideas?
  7. LUK, the Sony VGP-XL1B media changer is also a recorder and seems to be designed for XP Media center. There are discussions going on in other forums concerning getting this to work as a duplicator. The idea is to load blanks in one of the 200 slots and have imgburn load discs one after the other in sequence. I would personally finance getting the unit to you. *edit* I didn't see the offer you had for remotely working with a unit. I don't have one as of now, but if it would help, then I will buy one in the next couple of weeks and set up my PC (with PC anywhere which I use already) for you to control it via IP or however you want.
  8. Well when I PM'ed you and requested support for that sony media changer a while ago. My offer still stands, LUK. I will litterally buy you or give you enough money to get a Sony VGP-XL1B media changer if this means you will add support for it in IMGBURN. Supporting this device would be a significant achievement so guys like me don't have to spend over $1000-$2000 dollars on a pro DVD/CD duplicator. that's my offer and my contribution to the IMGBURN community
  9. I offered to buy LUK (I gave him a PM as well as an offer in another thread) a sony media changer but he never got back to me on it. That unit is around 300-400 so if he won't take that, I doubt he would take a 700 dollar unit
  10. trust me this won't work. I tried it and got this error: "Unable to lock volume for exclusive access. Reason : Access denied" even without that error, imgburn doesn't have the necessary commands to control the robotic arm, hence the request to officially support this and other devices like this in imgburn.
  11. bump i have the same device and I would love it to be able to work with imgburn
  12. If I donated 50-100 bucks, will this help you get one of these and see if this can be used as an automated duplicator? LUK, I will be more than happy to buy you one of these if you could work on support for imgburn so this device can be used as an automated dvd/cd duplicator
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