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  1. Jaydear

    Can ImgBurn Work with Virtual Disc Drives?

    Probably Total Mounter. There is also Daemon Tools paid versions, but it looks terribly complicated and has a pile of 'features' I don't want as well the ones I already use in ImgBurn. All I'm wanting to do is create .bin files straight from Sound Forge so I can keep a burnable backup of product I make CD masters of in SF. I'm somewhat surprised it's not possible to render out to/ save as an image file simply because it is a nice all-in-one file instead of the pile of data that SF makes. Currently I burn a disc and then make a .bin in ImgBurn, but I'm concerned that there may be dropouts when scanning an optical disc (dust, etc.). Apologies to OP for hijacking the topic.
  2. Jaydear

    A Queue mode for building iso's

    I see your point and a bit more of the big picture. I edit a lot of security footage and generate quite a few DVDs. I always check the finished sets of files in PgcEdit, then when I have a few to process I use IB to make ISOs which I do store for later burning. Ah well, I guess I'll have to learn to use the so & so command line or change my workflow. I do donate btw and I don't expect to get anything as competent as IB for free. LUK is a bloody legend in my book. Thanks for replying.
  3. Jaydear

    A Queue mode for building iso's

    There are command line options? Actually, I knew that... really, but I'm not good with batch files and I'd prefer a GUI-based solution.
  4. I think it would be useful to have a way of building multiple DVD iso's in a single session. The main stumbling block as I see it would be naming them (because ImgBurn prompts for a name), but if the folder name or perhaps the DVD General Text field (e.g. easy to set in PgcEdit) was used as the basis that could be overcome. Assumptions would be: One DVD per folder, all iso's to one destination. At present, on the PC I'm using it takes about 3':30" to build a typical iso, which is fine, but if I'm going to do say, three or four, then I'm tied to the machine for the duration of all but the last one or I have to keep going back to check... you get the idea. A Build Queue would allow one to get on with other things and leave the very competent ImgBurn to automate the process.
  5. Jaydear

    Some iso's partially empty

    Fair enough, I can understand that. My 'problem' is that I need to build my iso's direct to an external drive to save time and drive space. I bought a LaCie because over the years I have had several no-name external (yes, OK, el-cheapo) enclosures that have all had serious USB issues and/or firewire issues no matter what PC I use. Apart from the current problem, the LaCie (which came fitted with a 2.5" WD 160GB HDD) has been brilliant and has never mangled any normal file transfers. I'll get a Seagate 2.5" or other HDD manufacturer's brand and see if it will do better. If not, perhaps the problem might be down to an issue with the USB interface in the external drive not allowing the HDD to report an error to ImgBurn. Thanks for your help. Love your work.
  6. Jaydear

    Some iso's partially empty

    This is the log of the most recent failed build... ; //****************************************\\ ; ImgBurn Version - Log ; Wednesday, 05 November 2008, 17:03:08 ; \\****************************************// ; ; I 16:55:26 ImgBurn Version started! I 16:55:26 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) I 16:55:27 Total Physical Memory: 1,048,044 KB - Available: 793,316 KB W 16:55:27 Drive G:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB in size. I 16:55:27 Initialising SPTI... I 16:55:27 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 16:55:27 Found 1 DVD
  7. Jaydear

    Some iso's partially empty

    I make plenty of successful DVD iso's using imgburn. Occasionally I get one that has the expected size, but from a random sector to the end of the file it is just full of zeroes. This can happen anywhere, it's seemingly random. I used the sector viewer in IsoBuster to reveal the problem. I usually check iso's directly in VLC, but just check a few random spots. I guess I should just check the end of the iso to see if there is still data there... live and learn <sigh>. I've also checked the source files of failed iso's and they are completely fine afaict... they play OK in VLC if that is any indication. Re-building failed iso's from the same source files usually gives a good iso first time! I'm using v2.4.2.0 on a 2.8GHz PC with 1Gig RAM, XP Pro SP2 and write iso's directly to a LaCie external drive formatted NTFS with heaps of space. Builds usually take about 2':30" or so at around 18x. Has anyone else had this happen?

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