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  1. HI dude.... Well you see therein lies the problem, There's way too many versions to guess at. I did that with the DVD versions and ended up with none of them being complete. When I get time tomorrow I'll list all the versions on Blu ray, and you'll see what I mean.


    For example.


    Regular version

    40th Anniversary edition

    The Version Never seen before.

    1 disc set

    2 disc set

    Extended Directors cut

    40th Anniversary Edition | Extended Director's Cut and Original Theatrical Version / Blu-ray + UltraViole


    Link here I think it says there are nine versions.



  2. Hey guys, not sure if this is a good place to ask this question, but a few people on here will know me from way back so I stand a better chance of getting an answer. I am interested in getting The Exorcist on Blu Ray, but I think there's about six, possibly more versions out there, and I can't get to the bottom of which is the most complete version. For example a version that has the Spider Scene in it. This scene was missing in three for the versions I had on DVD that I bought. In the end I just downloaded it, and it was much more complete.


    If anyone has any ideas I'd like to here them, also, what you think the quality is like.


    Cheers peeps.


    Steve. :))



  3. No, I never got caught in that only one present thing. I'd never let that happen. These days I don't bother too much, but I still get the two from those that buy stuff for me. :-)

  4. I'll add my two pence worth here. There are and is a lot of dirty tricks going on with BlueRay and HD DVD. If you read up on the web you'll see both camps are shitting in each others backyards by paying certain companies NOT to stock the others goods. Now that is just plain nasty. As a consumer, I'd buy neither just because of that. They need to sort their acts out before I start to make my DVD's redundant.


    As for the consoles, I'll say for the PS3, a guy at work has one, and I have heard him moan his arse off at east six times now over games that he bought at weekend and finished in a matter of hours. If it was my choice, again I'd buy neither unless I intended to play on line with them. Otherwise, the value of those almost £50 games is way too high to warrant the purchase. I'd give ps3 the edge 'cos of the drive, but I'd still have to do some serious thinking about exactly what I want from any of the new gear. That goes for the consoles and the film formats.


    I'm just hoping my Ps2 and my dvd players and my pc keep ticking over until this mess is sorted out.

  5. order her a subscription to just about every magazine you can think of and check the bill me later box you could start with Playgirl :thumbup:



    Yeah, when you fish them back outta the bin, you can send them to me. :-)

  6. Thanks for the welcome people. Not kept in touch with the film side of things to be honest. Bought one or two testers that I heard had problem protection, just so I could have a wee experiment, but Blackwidow is right. WOW saps your life away, and even though you want to do other things, that bastard of a game keeps sucking you back in.


    8th of May you say your subs ran out? That's funny, mine too. If I ever do go back to it, I want a damn bit more than just another ten levels and back to the bullshit again. I do admit, I loved playing it, and getting up extra early so I could farm my favorite ORE spots, but the appeal has gone, and the people just killed me off. I'll also want a transfer to another realm where I don't know anybody.

  7. I'm off my two years of World Of Warcraft playing. I let my subscription elapse, the expansion pack didn't really offer much more than same shit, with a different smell, so I hope in the future and more expansions will not be so boring and easy to level up.


    It's a highly addictive game, but sufferers badly from extreme repetition and some bloody annoying people. It's unfortunate that it's not entirely playable solo, but unfortunately if you wanna progress you have to do that with groups of like minded people, and that's where the problems starts. Playing the game night after night for hours on end with people that have the potential to annoy the hell out of you gets a wee bit too much.


    So, I hope to have at least a years break. I have bought Lord of the rings online, but I find it to be ponderous and a wee bit too boring. Oh well. Gives me a chance to get my life back together I guess.


    Laters Dudes.

  8. Just seen Spider-Man 3...boy did it suck. Guess that's killed the franchise... :thumbdown:


    Oh well, Pirates of the Caribbean in 2 weeks...hello beasty...



    Yeah, I just heard today that was a bit poohey.

  9. Ok, I remembered something about the name from ages ago. Something about them being able to copy what ever, and getting their asses kicked for it. Oh well, I can't do sod all about it now. Least it works, just means it's gonna be a real pain to flash with anything else, other than Mad Dog firmware.

  10. The drive works fine, even 12x burns. I jjust don't like the fact it's not called NEC- whatever anymore, some MAD DOG nonsense instead.

  11. Flashed the NEC with MAD DOGS firmware, are they fucking stupid? nothing sees the drive as NEC anymore, what do I do to flash it back or change it? DOH!

  12. Well, seeing as Traxdata seems to be going a bit shitty of late, I thought I'd treat myself to some exceptional quality disks, these babies really look the part. In total with postage Vat and so on they are 48pence each. It may seem expensive in comparison to some, but what price for quality. The Plextor 712sa burns them at 8 x and the NEC 3520A 12x. Im trying to use DRIVEINFOPRO to see the quality, but it's taking for ever, and i'm not sure i'll know what i'm looking at when it's done

  13. I forgot about this post, doh! I want the 20" because I want the 1600x1280 res' And I want class one, as any defect will drive me crazy. Thanks for looking though.

  14. Anyone know anywhere in England to buy a guaranteed class 1 defect free 20" TFT. I've been spending a lot of time looking around, but not had too much luck. Class one are for medical and military, but there's plenty around in the regular shops without defects, they just don't come guaranteed defect free.


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